Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Managing yourself..

can be a lot harder than you think...

Currently, I am taking a whole bunch of easy classes in which I feel unsatisfyingly unchallenged, so to pass over this easy semester [that I really should be enjoying more than I am] I've decided to start my own medical training. No teacher, no real guidelines, no nothing.
Most likely not the best way of going about things, but since I was unable to register in time to get any of the classes I really wanted I am stuck with teaching myself and waiting for next semester to come faster than it is.
I think I really should be enjoying the fact that I hardly have to worry about class work or painfully hard tests, because after all, starting next year all the long nights and days where I just wish I could pull my hair out are going to begin.
So what's the rush?
I want to learn, I want to be challenged, and I hate trying to figure out where exactly to begin.
I currently am doing a decent job at self teaching, but I really just want next semester more than anyone could understand. I don't even want to think about the 4 month break.. I just want more school.. [ that sounds so wrong.. on so many levels. XD] Anyways. The medical study went over a lot better than normal. I learned all about the History of medical terminology and it's advancements in the field up to present day.

So.. without further ado
For your entertainment and more self learning for me here are some of the facts I learned while reading:

1. The first formal practice began with the Ancient Greeks and Romans
2. Hippocartes [460-370 BC] is one of the first to study anatomy, physiology and disease processes. [ he is called the "Father of Medicine"
3. Hippocrates identified and named the thyroid gland using the stem thryo [meaning shield - referring to the shield shaped gland that covers the trachea(windpipe)]
4. In 1865 Louis pasteur- A french chemist theorized disease was caused by germs - He believed that killing these tiny organisms [germs] would prevent and treat the diseases they caused. This theory helped the spread of clean medical procedures such as: washing hands before surgery, washing bandages and boiling instruments before re using them. Because of these clean procedures survival rates went up.
5. The term Pasteurize [to sterilize a substance] came from Louis PASTEUR's last name.
6. Elizabeth Black well was the first woman awarded with an MD degree in the u.s. She established New York Infirmary- a hospital staffed entirely by women.
7. Dr. Crawford Williason Long Developed Anesthesia
8. Sir Alexander Fleming [ a British Bacteriologist] Developed Penicillin in the 1940's

Interesting isn't it?
Well at least I find it somewhat interesting... ;]
I think I'm going to take a short nap, go to the gym and continue on with my studying until I can't take anymore in for the day.
Until later.
-Jess. A.Pre.Med.Girl.

Post Note: If anyone out there knows of any great books to help a premed student out or even if you have any tips of where to start and good study habits and what not I would be more than happy to know. Actually I would be overwhelmingly grateful for any helpful hints, so that being said.. If you do know anything or want to share your knowledge please shot me an email at or just leave a comment. Thanks. :]

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