Sunday, June 7, 2009

Operation PRE-ALLOPATHIC is underway,

I'm rearranging and redefining. When this is all over and done, I hope to find a better me. :]

I've been taking a very long break from the whole Pre-Med scene, been doing some real searching on how to go about life and all the things I want to accomplish.
It's been hard, I've tossed this way and that, but I think I have found the pathway I belong on. I've decided and am officially declaring myself an ART MAJOR AND PRE-MED student. I am signing up to become a volunteer at the local hospital tomorrow and will be contacting an adviser about becoming an official pre-med student.
I think 4 years will give me plenty of time to discover and learn if I am meant to be an MD or an artist. I really feel like these two things together will give me the answers I was looking for when I first started on this journey.
I want to help others, I know I am meant to be here for that, and I don't want to just become another face on the sidelines cheering on those who are doing something, I want to be come the one who is actually doing and becoming. I want to make my life mean something; I don't want to just live it for me, but for others. I know there are ways to make all my life goals and dreams meet up with the over all goal of helping others.
To me helping others instead of my own self is something to really live for, if I can make a difference. If I can help others, then my life with be well worth lived and I will have done what I was supposed to, or at least what I believe I was supposed to.
I should be updating more, a lot more.
For the night I must sign off though, I want to wake up fresh and ready for the first day of renewing myself as a person.
Wish me luck.
<3/Jess. apremedgirl.

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