Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I want to be a doctor. [in one page]

Why I Want to Become a Doctor

My Passion is like clockwork, it’s what makes me beat, it’s the thing that makes me push myself past my normal limitations and it’s the only think I know I can depend on to get me to the next level. Passion isn’t something you can put on the sidelines; it’s something that stays with you constantly, no matter where you are, or what you are doing.
Medicine is my passion. It’s what drives me, what makes me do things that I never, in my wildest dreams, could imagine I could do. It’s like the blood that runs through my veins, and it will always continue to circulate back to my heart. People, knowledge, and the human body, are all components of keeping me in drive. Although the road of medicine maybe the longest and hardest road I have ever traveled on, I am determined that I will reach the end.
My search for my passion began with the want for reason. To me, reason (along with passion) is everything. I never have wanted an average life, but an extraordinary one. One where I could do something, make my life have a meaning and a reason. To always be driven by passion and to do something that would not only benefit myself, but others. Over the last couple of years I have realized that medicine is meaningful, it has that reason is looking for.
One reason I want to be a doctor is to better human kind, to preserve and save lives. This has always been a passion of mine, I can remember daydreaming as a little girl imagining what I could do to help others and help better the world. I would come up with the wildest things, Imagine I would become famous and dreamed that I could become like Bono: donate, work, and set an example. Though I know my dreams of being famous and changing the world with my stardom aren’t going to happen, I can make a difference through being a doctor, through helping people in a smaller, effective way.
Today I still dream, often in the summer air. My daydreams, more times than not, lead me to parking my car in a far parking lot at the hospital, and there my dreams almost feel real. I can see myself walking those halls, having the knowledge and skills to help others, and at the very least give them comfort. I can see those daydreams coming into color now, the past few months; I’ve been blessed with an amazing opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital. Nothing is so rewarding to me than helping people, and I get excited every time I get a chance because I know the dream is starting to take flight.
Other than serving others, medicine drew me in because of fascination. The human body is amazing and beautiful; there isn’t anything quite like it. Every time I open a medical book or sit through a human biology lecture, I am left hungry for more. It amazes me so much so, that I have turned a full one hundred and eighty degrees from my first passion, art. My family (and even myself) were all surprised when I first announced that I wanted to become a doctor, it was such a different track for my right brained self to take, but passion drove me to do it, and now that I’m hooked there is no turning back. It’s my heart and it will continue to circulate.

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