Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It all sounded grand this morning.

-I even got my mom to go along with it, and for once she sounded happy that I was happy about becoming a doctor. :]
I knew they would always stick to whatever made me happiest, but I also knew that they had some plan for me, and that it would take sometime for them to get used to my plan instead of theirs.

Anyways, to the point.
LCOM and D.O.?
This morning I woke up with a scratchy contact [lens] and an adrinaline so great that I ran across campus without running out of breath. [ If you can even say that adrainaline effected that... does it?]
Today a representitive from LCOM came to our school and I must say I was impressed, so much so, that I might switch from an M.D. path to a D.O. path.
The schools tuition is that of the U of U instate tuition, which is the best choice to go with if you want out of debt fast. It also is ranked 5th for it's primary care programs, and has many other exciting programs that are offered.
You can pick which way you learn, which I have never heard a school doing, but I find it intreging.
The first choice is to go the normal lecture-discussion pathway. - basically the way you have been taught how to learn all of your life.
The second choice is Problem-Based learning, this is above all, my favorite pathway.
You get 72 different cases over the first 2 years in which you and 7 to 8 other colleges group together, along with a faculty facillitator. You study these cases and learn from actually applying what you are learning. It's like playing house for two years, you may not be brilliant yet, but it will get your mind thinking a lot in that same manner.
The third choice is Independent study. This one is self explanitory. You schedule yourself to when studying and learning is best and go to it. Don't worry though, you will have advisors along the way.
The forth choice is the Primary care scholars pathway.- The only 3 year medical program offered in the u.s. It condenses the normal 4 years of med school into 3.
This is only for people who know they want to go into primary care though.
All the options and fetures add up to making one amazing school, I'm seriously looking at applying there when my time comes...
The presentation was great, other than the fact I looked like death.
My contact had dried on the edges making it a very scratchy surface when in contact with my eye. I battled with it until I decided I needed to run across campus. When I got there the problem only got worse. It was painful and very irratated. I rubbed my eye every few seconds and soon all my makeup was off my right eye and everything around it was red. My nose began to run because of the run-off and I could only hope the presentor ignored the fact I looked like I had H1n1 or that he understood that only one of my eyes was being effected and therefore it was a contact or eye problem.

Moving on..

Rural Health Scholars - an amazing program at my school has invited me to join. Well.. more like I must apply first, even though I'm late and hope that I get in.. pretty sure I will be in, but we will cross our fingers and see.

My brain is pretty fried, and I can't tell what time it says on a clock anymore, nor can I create coherent sentence.. or even spell the here the right way. gosh.. I'm depressed that I'm that low today.. I must of killed some brain cells doing something or other.. let's hope nicole is right about popsicles...

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