Monday, August 24, 2009

A new school year...

A fresh start at everything I've been working towards.
Although I was late *Yet again* for class sign-ups I've managed to grip on to the tip of the ice berg. I have contacted my pre-med advisor, applied for 3 different volunteer spots and signed up for human biology.
I can only sit and wait now for the semester to get going. I must cross my fingers that I get a volunteer spot, a job, and that the wait list I'm currently on for human bio allows me to take the class, but human bio on top of everything is the least of my worries. I hope.
On Friday I moved into my new apartment * I wouldn't call it new in the least bit because the moment I walked in I felt like I was at a JV camp.* Floor covered with stains and cigarette holes. No Ac, creaky floor and so much run down furniture that you would almost want to cry.
Luckily for me I have parents that would never let this room of mine become a hell pit and I have 2 very amazing roommates that I love dearly already. We all laughed and made the place finally feel like home for us. We have an oddball in the house as well. - Strange tall lanky girl who is pessimistic and insulting. I have had a few decent conversations with her but for the most part we all try to keep distance between us and her. We always feel like a bully is in the room or just plan awkwardness is lurking above us.
Most of the people in my apartment are foreign and I have already meet people from most of Europe. Feli, my roommate *whom I absolutely love* is from Austria, she's very easy going and very fun to hang out with.
Rachel My other roommate is a dancer and a pre-med student so it was pretty easy to hit things off with her. -In fact most of the new people I have met lately are pre-med students which makes it a fun exciting experience. Its fun to be able to talk about medical stuff and have daily House watching’s. I enjoy it.
Currently I'm in the library waiting for my next class that starts in, oh, 2 hours. : P
I'm a little angry that I scheduled my Mondays like this, but what I hope is that this 4 hours break will become time for work or volunteering.
In the end it will all work out for the best, but it will take some time for things to settle down in the right place. Until then I guess I will find useless ways to waste my time... * if you can count this as useless... *
What else to say? Hmm. Well my last month of summer was a blast, I thought from day one with my freedom taken away, toms out the window, arch. Camp out the window and no ability to volunteer that summer would be a complete drag, and it was until the very last bit. My mom jumped into super mode and I got go on adventures almost every day. I'm not sure if now is the best time to expound on it all but here is a list of all the little things I finished my summer off with:
* Payson Lakes
* The grotto
* Payson Pond
* Dinosaur Museum
* My Grandma visiting from NY
* My Cousins visiting from MI
* Stewart Falls
* Boondocks
* Park City Resort
* And various random activities.
It was adventurous and exciting and sometimes we all got exahstied from it, but I must say a good end to the summer. OH! And I started a medically supervised diet. :O
It was hard the first few days just because you only consume 500 calories a day, but I soon got over that. I've lost about 8 pounds now and it's very exciting, you can tell that I have lost weight and I feel better than I have in a long time. :]
The whole thing is supervised by a doctor so don't worry. Every day I give myself a shot of a Hormone women produce after pregnancy that helps burn the baby fat. And then I eat half an orange for breakfast.
100 ounces of meet for lunch and 100 ounce of meat for dinner
Then I choose one of the following fruits: apple, orange, strawberries
And one vegetable of a list, as well as a piece of Melba toast for each meal.
I have about 2 weeks left and when it's all done I should be 25 pounds lighter. :] I really can't wait!

Well, I think that's all I really have to update on, and I'm getting bored with typing my life story, so with that I will end this post and possibly go scavenge for some medical books upstairs! :]

*wish me luck with everything; I need all the help I can get!


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